Dancing requires a certain level of coordination. If people tell you to dance like no-one’s watching – it is a very bad idea. How you dance when you’re alone is not how you should dance when other people are around. The only time people consider themselves to be good dancers is when they are inebriated.

Today’s playlist – some of them are good tunes to dance to when you are alone :

This isn’t a dancing song… well maybe slow dancing. I’m not a Sheerio or a Directioner but this is such an Ed song.

Guys – don’t get the wrong idea. The song is sweet but if you start telling us that we have to ‘squeeze into our jeans’ – you will be dumped. Sorry, that’s the way it goes.

Don’t overplay this, it’s good for the occasional listen. The music video shows classic ‘Public Dancing’ – this involves the only dance move people can successfully carry out when sober ‘The Jump’.

Never gets old. I love this song.

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