Justin Timberlake – ‘I’m Ready’

If you haven’t already seen JT’s 60 second teaser, watch it below:

I was dancing in nappies to Justin Timberlake but then which child wasn’t? He took the music industry by storm. None of his music was generic and boring and he is extremely attractive so his female fan-base was just as enormous as his male audience.

This is still one of my favourite songs – What Goes Around…Comes Around:

He stopped making music for six years and dipped into the film industry, where he starred in films such as Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher, In Time and The Social Network.

It was because of his desire to branch out that we lost him for six years but recently he released his ‘I’m Ready’ video. With just over 4 million views, it can only be assumed that less than 1/100 of his fans have seen it on Youtube.

There’s a live countdown on Justin’s website, which is where he revealed something would be happening tomorrow. I am extremely excited for what I can only imagine will be an album worth waiting almost a decade for.

Below are six of his records, you have less than twelve hours to reminisce and then we’ll all be listening to the new release (rumoured to be featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z and produced by Timberland). Who knows whether any of the rumours are true, but something big is happening tomorrow.

The countdown continues.

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