I watched, through the barrier that made me – a dork – invisible, to the ‘other side’ of the classroom where ten girls were crowded around a single desk. They were all staring at L with intense fascination as she retold the events of the previous weekend. She spoke in fervent whispers, pausing only to snort in air. L pressed her manicured finger to her lips, silencing the laughter of the group. She leant over the table to whisper what appeared to be the climax of her story and then collapsed, lying in a shaking mass with her head dangled over the desk. Every dyed hair on her head that had been laboriously straightened shook with each bout of her hysterical laughter. She catapulted herself off the desk and back into her seat in one slightly clumsy movement and proceeded to throw her head back and cackle. Her eyes were pressed tightly shut so the foundation that had been slathered over the wrinkles by them was forced to crack and flake slightly. Suddenly her raucous laughter which was slightly high-pitched and ever so slightly forced ceased and she pressed her fingers to her eyes to squash the make-up into submission. She was pretty but she had a harsh edge to her face, which I assume I could only see because I knew her personality, or maybe it was the line of orange foundation that stopped abruptly at the edge of her chin and gave way to a stark white neck. Who knows? She fiddled idly with the rim of her high-hemmed skirt and traced the line of her pocket zip whilst peering cautiously through the window in the door. After a few moments, she hurriedly shoved her hand into her pocket and brought out an electric cigarette. This hushed her group once more as they listened to her boast about being about to blow rings with the smoke. She put the cigarette into her mouth and pursed her lips around it as she inhaled. Now everybody in the classroom had stopped to watch and they were all waiting expectantly. She lifted her chin up and made an oval shape with her mouth. To be completely honest, she looked slightly like a fish. She actually did it. The smoke came out in rings, which, carried by the ceiling fans, drifted up and finally dispersed.

Reading that back, I seem kind of rude and jealous but that genuinely isn’t how I feel. After all, what would school be without dorks to balance the popular people? Plus, I like wearing my rucksack with both straps and I like my school skirt to cover my bum – even if that’s not considered cool.


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