Fashion at the Brits

In all honesty, few outfits were praise-worthy this year. Let’s take a look at some of the fashion faux pas that were dropped on the red carpet…

Gemma Arterton. You have soiled the good name of Bond Girls.  I fail to see how this Jonathan Saunders dress complements you. Usually looking sexy with your hair perfectly done, I can only assume you were late for the awards and didn’t have enough time to prepare. We’ve all been there. Ed Sheeran? Oh Ed. One does not wear Nike trainers with a suit and generally one wears a suit that fits. That said, you do look sweet in an unkept, baggy kind of way.

gross hell yes   Boys, you did well. The suits were on point. However, I have my reserves about Niall’s choice of shoes. What is it with men and shoes? Shoes MUST MATCH the outfit. Luckily for you, your Irish accent excuses your dress sense. 1D wore a variety of Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Topman and ASOS and looked fine.hotttttttttttttThe girls were looking gorgeous, as expected. LBD no longer stands for Little Black Dress. Long is now the fashion. Taylor took me by surprise with her floor-length Elie Saab gown with thigh-high slits. Needless to say, most of the girls abided by the Boobs or Bum rule – if you have a low-cut dress then it should be long and if it is short then the neck-line should be modest.yes

Due to lack of hilarity at the event, which I expected to be brimming with gossip and other exciting things, the fashion became a focus for most mags. Despite being slightly disappointing, there were a few outfits that broke the mould between celebrity and commoner (yes, that’s us). The Long Black Dress is definitely the way to go this year – elegant but hot.

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