Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail.

The best meal I have ever eaten was in America. We were sitting in a small café when the waiter brought out a delicacy that was unlike anything I have ever seen and I knew that I had found The Waffle. I realised that it wouldn’t matter if I was alone for the rest of my life, as long as I ate this waffle. So, I called the waiter and I said: ‘Good Sir, I must have that waffle.’

It was golden and had a slightly crispy exterior but a hot, soft and fluffy interior. It had been glazed with sugar that pooled into the grid and made my mouth water. There was a small cup of boiling maple syrup ready to drown my waffle and a mound of whipped cream was decorated with sliced blueberries.

Think I’m finished? Far from it.

There were three large scoops of vanilla ice-cream dolloped on top which were melting slightly because of the heat of the pastry. The coldness was a welcome respite after each bit of the hot waffle. Fresh strawberries and caramelised bananas had been strewn over the ice-cream and they sunk into it like a mattress of..well.. ice-cream. It was a mess.

I know I said ‘waffle’ a lot but I can’t even begin to explain how amazingly un-wafflelike this waffle was. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever eaten. I think I’m going to cry…

11 thoughts on “Seconds!

  1. This felt mouth watering.Your description makes me hungry.In my neck of the woods,its going to be 11 a.m ,it is not time for lunch, to eat that kind of delicious food,the calories of which is going to hit the roof,I am afraid I’ll have to use my power of self-control..Thanks I like your post.Somewhere I once read if you even read about this high -caloric food,you will gain weight.I hope it’s not true..Is It? just kidding!

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