Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective.

Frown all you like. You’re not family. Blood means nothing to me. Cry. I dare you.

Hit her. Go on.

I should hit her. I should make her cry.

Good. Hit her again.

Hit her again, yes. Look at me. Tell me I’m wrong.

She’s wrong. Hit her. Make her see. 

Harder. I have my new family. I’m just doing this to show your mother that I’m going to win the court case. You’re already mine. I took her money. She has nothing, only a broken daughter. Every weekend, you’re mine and she’s scared. She knows that I’m going to discipline you. I’ll beat you, you brat.

She swore. Hit her harder. Make her hate you. Pull her hair and make her look you in the eyes.

Worthless child. Threaten me, did you?

Beat her. Harder. She’s still fighting! Beat her!

Your mother left me. Say it’s her fault. Repeat after me. It’s my mother’s fault. Good girl. I just want you to be happy. I’ve never done anything to hurt you.

She’s crying. That’s enough, for now.

The bruises will heal before you go back to your mother and you’ll look like a liar. If you ever leave me, you will never forget.




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