All Grown Up

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

One second… I’m on the phone to Peter Pan and he wants to make me a Lost Boy Girl.

Oh, sorry? When was the first time I felt like a grown up? Maturity? What’s that?!

I haven’t grown up and I don’t think I will for a while. I’m a teenager and the idea of being twenty and then thirty (and so on…)freaks me out. I’ll be in university soon and then I’ll have a job.

What if everything goes wrong before then and I fail all my exams?

I have to go and hyperventilate into a paper bag.

5 thoughts on “All Grown Up

  1. Interesting! I mean very. You are too young to feel grown up.Some do even at twelve.Mark my word ‘some’.There isn’t a whole lot.So you my dear are in a very safe territory.Do not worry about reaching the ripe old age of twenty.Think about it this way,there are three hundred sixty five days in a year multiply it by five and it is one thousand eight hundred and twenty five,and don’t forget that measly one day you have to add on because there has to be a leap year.So it’s quite a mouthful.You are a long way away,so please do not worry.I enjoyed this post.Thank you.

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