The Vamps

I’m sorry for my lack of blogging and I can assure you it will not happen again as the internet is well and truly fixed!

After little debate and much fan-girling I have decided to blog about The Vamps. I mentioned them in a post a while back but since their audience is expanding, I thought I should let more of you into the secret…

Bradley Will Simpson (17), James McVey (18), Tristan Evans (18) and Connor Ball (16) have been signed to EMI Records and it’s no surprise considering their immense talent – not to mention their good-looks. Actually let’s mention them, shall we? They happen to be gorgeous which doesn’t work that well for me because I can’t pull myself away from their Youtube Channel.

Brad, the lead singer and guitarist, started out making cover videos on Youtube under the name Bradskates9. His channel was found by James and they formed a band, soon to be joined by Trist and later by Con – their bassist.

Their cover of 22 – Taylor Swift has reached almost 200,000 views in a week. Enough said. EMI Records has realised their potential and so have their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube followers.

Side note: If by some freak chance The Vamps are reading this then please drop me a message ( and marry me let me know what you think.

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