The following are a few YouTubers that I watch/watched and some recommendations from friends/other bloggers:

Hallo! MarcusButlerTV. I just – I can’t even begin – I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU HOW HILARIOUS HE IS! His latest video ‘Mothers are annoying’ summarises some of the most annoying qualities of a mother. Obviously, he couldn’t fit them all into one video.

JACKSGAP is aptly tag-lined ‘5 minutes of your life that you won’t get back.’ With almost 1.5 million subscribers, Jack Harries and his twin brother Finn are British Youtube Awesomes. An ‘Awesome’ is a person who takes the adjective ‘awesome’ to another level and therefore becomes the embodiment of the noun.

DailyGrace is the channel of Grace. Obviously. She vlogs ‘everyday! Five days a week!’ For those of you who don’t spend EVERY SECOND on YouTube, a vlog is a video blog. She does things a little differently: Monday (Random), Tuesday (Commenting on comments), Wednesday (Reviewing), Thursday (How To) and (Sexy) Friday. Grace is hilarious… she has self-deprecating humour and has no problem with hazing her new viewsers. (Watch a few of her videos and you’ll understand)

ItsWayPastMyBedTime is the home of Carrie Fletcher. Fletcher, you say? Why yes, Carrie is the younger sister of…drumroll please…Tom from McFly. Carrie’s style is not suited to everybody, as with most YouTubers. However, her music, enthusiasm and guests (such as The Vamps) make her videos fun to watch. She isn’t one of my favourites but her popularity on Youtube earned her a place on this post.

I haven’t watched these vloggers yet but a friend said that they’re good so check them out:


  1. Just 18. ♥ | Hope & Dream & Wait

  2. Just 18. ♥ | Welcome to misfit dopes ^▽^

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