Reviewing Viral Videos

Gangnam Style

I don’t like Gangnam Style but people seem to enjoy doing the dance. I prefer the spoof Eton Style:

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake makes me smile, not laugh. It’s not a dance, it’s a shake. I’m not even sure how to describe why people do it, but then why do people do the Gallon Smash? Who knows?

Gallon Smash

Whilst this makes me laugh, it is a waste of milk and I feel sorry for the people who get the milk on their clothes.

Goat Remixes

I saved the best for last. Goats have talent that surpasses even Taylor Swift’s singing skills. It will take you by surprise if you haven’t seen it before but after a while it no longer becomes funny so I advise that you only watch two minutes of the above video. If you haven’t watched any of the videos on this post, I recommend that you watch this one. Forget all your problems and issues because goats can sing and soon they will take over the world.


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