You’re not stylish.

… at least not according to half the population and the other half doesn’t particularly care. That’s just how I like it.

This is a fashion post but it’s not about clothes instead it’s about what fashion is. Most fashion blogger post outfits and state the trends. This post is more about discovering fashion.

A lot of girls and boys wear ‘what’s fashionable’. Often they don’t take it from magazines but they take it from what they see other people wearing – Street Style. I think Street Style is the best place to look for inspiration because you wouldn’t see people wearing clothes on the runways aren’t particularly suitable for our everyday lives.

Rule 1#: Despite what people say, everyone dresses for other people. That doesn’t make you a people-pleaser – it makes you smart. If you dress well then you feel confident, so in a way, you dress for yourself as well.

Rule 2#: Being fashionable doesn’t mean you should wear the craziest outfits. If you dress well then you stand out as well. Many fashion designers try and put together outfits that have never been thought of before and often this has catastrophic results. Luckily for us, we have neither the money nor the lack of intelligence to buy said clothes. (Sorry fashion designers – I don’t mean all of you.)

So, to sum up: you don’t need to wear extravagant outfits to be fashionable – unless you like them. You also don’t need to wear what everyone else is wearing or always focus on the brand name. If something looks good then it looks good. End of story.

The internet was made for fashion sharing. If you’re not sure about what to wear with something then Google it. Reading fashion magazines like (Grazia) will help you establish what looks good with what. It gives you a broad outline of what fashion is. However, don’t be restricted by magazines and the internet.



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