Spring Fling

Woah! Don’t all rush to blug (blog-hug) me. Am I really back? I don’t know… you tell me. Confused? Me too. Okay – let’s get this show on the road.

I leafed through all the Grazia mags I have lying around my bedroom and I put together a set of bits that I liked:

It’s Spring… the weather is iffy – is it warm or cold? Denim is the perfect in-between weather material. Rock a pair of dungarees with a jumper underneath. Remember it’s Spring so no dark denim –  faded pale denim is the way to go.

Cheaper alternatives to the items above:

Denim shirt – wear with a pair of printed leggings as the shirt’s quite simple.

Monochrome is generally avoided however a dress in a style that suits your figure is great for Spring. Finding dresses is easy online – go onto websites like ASOS and change the search filters. This allows you to control the price range, the colours etc.

Sort out a new wardrobe for 2013. It doesn’t have to cost you every penny in the piggy bank but browse online and visit stores like Primark and don’t be afraid to hit the sales. Punkyfish recently had a sale and everything was £5. Deals like that aren’t to be missed.

The most important thing is to buy a top that you can wear with numerous different things because otherwise you’ll end up with a top that you can only wear with one skirt. You must also only buy items if you really like them – if you’re indifferent, don’t buy it.

Go for something different. Have a fling this Spring, you don’t have to marry each style but you should experiment with them. Try out a playsuit or a skater dress. If you never wear leggings then ditch your worn out jeans and grab yourself a pair. I love the Current/Elliot denim because they’re different and exciting – the perf combination for this season.


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