Beach bod

Warning: This post is not intended for the male species. Please avert your eyes to the secrets of women.

Summer is a weird time for fashion when you think about it. We wear 20% of the clothes we would usually wear and show 98% more skin and that other two percent is barely even covered.

First thing’s first. What is it that we want to achieve? Kim Kardashian’s  pre-preggers bod? Maybe something more within our reach, hmm?

Hair. Skin. Shape. That’s the checklist.


We want it on our head. That is all.

No shaving this month. Shaving rash is not an attractive look nor is it comfortable. Spend a little on a beauty day and get waxed or grab some waxing strips for a DIY day.

Veet Hair Removal Cream is really messy but it works well. I don’t like the smell or the feeling but it has good reviews. However, a lot of people have reported that it is too harsh on their skin and leaves a rash.

Nair Easiwax Wax Pot has good reviews although it doesn’t remove small hairs so you have to grow any hair before it can be waxed properly.

Boots own brand waxing strips should be avoided. According to reviews it causes bruising and doesn’t work well.


Spots are not fun, they have never been fun and they never will be fun. Make sure your skin is clear by exfoliating weekly and washing daily (depending on skin condition).

Bio Oil is worth every penny. Daily appliances on unwanted marks will result in visibly clearer skin.

Nivea Day Cream – it’s much cheaper in supermarkets. It’s SPF15 but it’s also light so it doesn’t make your face oily. Always buy face creams that have SPF15 in them as it prevents premature ageing.


We all want the perf beach body.

Swim to tone up your body. Don’t waste money on a gym membership if you won’t go. There is nothing wrong with running in the park. (I know the idea of running in public seems awkward but if you wake up early and put in your headphones then who cares what anyone else thinks.)

Zumba is around £5 (depending on location) and it’s a fun way to lose weight by dancing.

Run for charity – this is a great way to motivate yourself. Doing it for someone else will help you overcome your fear of running in public. As well as raising money for good causes it has the added bonus of knocking off pounds.

That’s it. It’s not difficult and you feel great when you look great.

If you have any tips to share then comment below. If you have any questions use the contact form below and I’ll address them in other posts.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Beach bod

  1. At fifteen you write so well,I can see your star shining at the top of the bill boards.Nice to see you again.Don’t give up and waste your talent.About your post I’m not sure I got it all. The ones I got is quite funny. Thanks for showing up again.

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