It’s midnight and my brain won’t shut up.

I’m going to post ramblings of the brain every now and then (because let’s be honest I know you’re dying to know what irrelevant thoughts are prancing around my head at midnight).

The gif below demonstrates so perfectly what my brain is like at night. If I could find a way to explain to my brain that nighttime is for sleeps and daytime is for everything else then I would but it doesn’t seem to understand so I won’t waste my breath…

There are a million and one things I think over when I’m tired. I mostly think about things that make me laugh. Those are the things that seem to stick most in my head. For every friend who does something hilarious there are three more who are guaranteed to do something even more stupid.

Ok, my eyes are drooping so I guess my brain has registered that the moon means beddybyes. Night world x


2 thoughts on “It’s midnight and my brain won’t shut up.

  1. At your age,i don’t know if I had this much humour in me.But you are really good,I’m not trying to just make you happy.I mean it! all the best to you.
    By the way I tried your other post,it says it’s not available where I live,too bad for me,it’s okay.

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