τελειώσει finiti они закончили terminado 완료 સમાપ્ત finis завършени gatavi

If you’re wondering what those grammatically-incorrect-half-sentences mean, courtesy of the ever-accurate Google Translate, they mean my exams are finally finished.

As of 10.31 (this morning) I completed around 30 exams – ending successfully (fingers crossed) with Physics Paper 2. Yes, they found enough Physics to make not one but two extremely dull papers. 

That means my holiday begins now. So what’s the plan, strangers? If I’m lucky this holiday will be the best few months of my life. I’m going on adventures in different parts of the world and loads of other exciting things are happening… aaannd I’m going to be sharing it all avec toi.

So expect photos, weekly posts, music and videos. Feel free to stop by and subscribe to keep up to date with my life (because let’s be honest… if you’re reading this then you have nothing better to do with your time.) Shibby.



One thought on “GCSEs ARE FINISHED

  1. Hurray and party time for you.Have fun,really. Breathe some fresh air. When will school start again. World tour is a neat idea,
    All the best to you.

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