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Fatal fads

No one gives much thought to keyrings. Yet they are a focus of thousands of people around the world. Why? People in China have developed an animal keyring that is being sold en mass in subways and in the street. It’s extremely popular and it’s perfectly legal.

So why am I ranting about a legal product that is trending amongst China’s teenagers? The keyrings are a disgusting fad. Animal keyrings – it doesn’t sound so bad. I mean, everyone has owned a plastic giraffe or a meerkat that squarks loudly whenever you try and open the door. The only problem with that comparison is that the keyrings in China aren’t made from plastic – they’re real animals.

Turtles, salamanders and fish are being packed into little plastic keychains subjected to prolonged suffocation. This is consumerism gone awry. Veterinarians have disputed claims that the animals can live up to a few months inside the bags filled with coloured liquids. The average lifespan for turtles in captivity is 30 – 40 years. Animals in this type of captivity may die after a few days. The trend may be legal but it’s immoral and cruel.

We’re not so different from the animals trapped inside the key-chains for we are trapped inside a bubble of consumerism and despite our efforts to breathe the depleting moral air and to avoid immersing ourselves in the hedonistic waters no-one’s realised that we’re already drowning.

Free these animals and you free yourself.