The Transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Music always takes me back to when I was younger. I love hearing songs from the 90s… I get really excited and break out my dance moves…

I experimented with posting old tunes every Sunday so check out the Music category on my blog if you want to hear some old skool songs.



Forty, twenty, eighty, twelve –

the crowds of London ebb and swell.

The spark of youth and glow of old

are dulled and feebled by the cold.

Their faces frown against the rain

as it splashes down towards the drain.

A blur of people; not one was clear –

all oblivious to my blatant fear.

My neck craned up against coats

my shouts vibrate against my throat.

I sit frozen with fear and frost

no one hears me, I’m lost.


Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Duuunn duuuuunn duuuuuuunn.

It’s tense. There are five security men chasing me. I’m on a scooter – the fastest vehicle known to man.

This is what happens:

I am Batman.

I run through a scrap car yard where they all try and attack at once. Luckily, I have a black belt in karate and I use a rope, which just happens to be lying around, to whip them into submission.

I whip out my unbeatable skills that I learnt from numerous Jedi masters and I beat the last standing evil person.

The End. (True story.)

Prized Possession

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

Jellycat. My childhood teddybear. He started off with fluffy, soft golden fur but as a result of taking him everywhere with me he became slightly worn.

Through the ages, he was dressed as Spiderman, Santa Claus, a doctor and a baby. He put up with being thrown and sat on and painted and squashed. He’s been to France, Belgium, Italy, Australia, England and to Singapore. He’s a well-travelled bear.

Jelly was given to me by my grandmother when I was a baby and he’s still sitting on my bed.


The Social Network

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

I laughed when I saw this prompt. Do I get social media? I’m a teenager in a  social-media-centred-world. If I didn’t “get” social media then people would think I lived in a bin on a remote corner of the planet.

My mother on the other hand… that is a completely different story. She’s relatively good with typing and clicking but when it comes to Facebook and Twitter and Youtube and WordPress and Tumblr and other things, she doesn’t have a clue. She asks me on a daily basis how to ‘Like’ something and what that means or what certain internet slang words mean. She hasn’t quite mastered memes on Fb but we’re getting there. I think she understands Grumpy Cat now: it’s a cat who’s grumpy.

She’s relatively good with social media…compared to my grandmother who has mastered ‘The Scroll’. I am a proud granddaughter.

If you want to master the internet lingo, this video will help:

(They do swear so please don’t watch if you find it offensive)

Odd Couple

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning just something you do before company comes over?

I don’t mind mess. However, if I have to spend a lot of time where there is mess then I’ll just start to clean it up. Only in my own house, I don’t just go and start mopping people’s floors.

My bedroom is a pigsty. It’s not dirty – there are just a lot of clean clothes on the floor because when I can’t find something to wear, I pull everything out of the wardrobe. This is not a problem, though, as when I spend time in my room the light is off so I can’t see the mess. Problem solved.

When I say I don’t mind mess, I mean untidy piles of magazines scattered all over the floor etc. I do not stand for unhygienic mess like dirty clothes because that is disgusting. My house is so clean you could eat off the floor but you wouldn’t because that is just wrong.


Also, if someone could tell me why this prompt is called ‘Odd Couple’ that would clear away some of my confusion.