τελειώσει finiti они закончили terminado 완료 સમાપ્ત finis завършени gatavi

If you’re wondering what those grammatically-incorrect-half-sentences mean, courtesy of the ever-accurate Google Translate, they mean my exams are finally finished.

As of 10.31 (this morning) I completed around 30 exams – ending successfully (fingers crossed) with Physics Paper 2. Yes, they found enough Physics to make not one but two extremely dull papers. 

That means my holiday begins now. So what’s the plan, strangers? If I’m lucky this holiday will be the best few months of my life. I’m going on adventures in different parts of the world and loads of other exciting things are happening… aaannd I’m going to be sharing it all avec toi.

So expect photos, weekly posts, music and videos. Feel free to stop by and subscribe to keep up to date with my life (because let’s be honest… if you’re reading this then you have nothing better to do with your time.) Shibby.



Most of you might scroll past this towards other posts in the music section. Just stop.

I may know nothing about adults or ‘the workplace’, as you like to call it, but I do know that it’s similar to school. You’re all sitting at your desks pretending to work but are secretly sleeping with your eyes open.

Research has shown that surgeons are more relaxed when listening to music in theatre. It also prevents them from getting bored. Whether you’re a surgeon or not, you’re bored so stick your headphones in the computer and  listen to the playlist I’ve already lined up. You’re welcome.

If you like this playlist, check out this one too.

I take no responsibility for those who blast the music through their office and disturb others. It may be my fault but nevertheless I do not take responsibility. 

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Midnight Music

I know my blogging is irregular at the moment but I can assure you that it won’t be for much longer so bear with me.

These are 25 absolute chahoons:


I’m trying out something new: I’ll make a playlist of the music that I listen to each week and post it as a Spotify playlist so you can jam to them too. There’s a combination of old and new songs in there just to mix it up a little bit…



Reviewing Viral Videos

Gangnam Style

I don’t like Gangnam Style but people seem to enjoy doing the dance. I prefer the spoof Eton Style:

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake makes me smile, not laugh. It’s not a dance, it’s a shake. I’m not even sure how to describe why people do it, but then why do people do the Gallon Smash? Who knows?

Gallon Smash

Whilst this makes me laugh, it is a waste of milk and I feel sorry for the people who get the milk on their clothes.

Goat Remixes

I saved the best for last. Goats have talent that surpasses even Taylor Swift’s singing skills. It will take you by surprise if you haven’t seen it before but after a while it no longer becomes funny so I advise that you only watch two minutes of the above video. If you haven’t watched any of the videos on this post, I recommend that you watch this one. Forget all your problems and issues because goats can sing and soon they will take over the world.