Never Been Kissed II

I started this story for a Daily Prompt┬ábut I’ve started to enjoy writing it so here’s a little more. I would really appreciate hearing what you think about it, so please comment and let me know.

Chris stands between the door and myself. He’s whispering for me to keep the door shut and to be quiet. His brother’s on the other side of the door. I hear Oli knock twice and then there’s silence on both sides. Chris and I are whispering conspiratorially.

‘Don’t open the door. Say you’re ill.’

I frown. ‘I’m not ill.’

‘Confused is a kind of ill.’ Chris returns my frown and moves behind the door as I open it to leave. ‘I’m sorry,’ he whispers as I close the door. Oli’s leaning against the wall in a grey cable-knit jumper and a pair of dark jeans.

‘Hi.’ He looks up from the rose he’s holding and drops his gaze to my dress.His eyes widen fractionally as he looks me over. I knew I should have changed. It only lasts a few seconds but I feel awkward already.

‘Hello.’ He’s still staring at the dress. ‘I’m sorry.’ He shakes his head in disbelief and gestures to my dress with the rose. ‘You look really good.’

‘Thank you.’ Biting my lip, I take the rose he offers me and grin to myself. I stunned Oli. No one does that.

‘I know this is a first date and I’m obligated to take you somewhere neutral like the cinema but I want to spend time with you, not watch a film. So, I’ve got something different.’

I nod dumbly. What teenage boy buys a rose for his date? He grins like he knows what I’m thinking and slips his hand into mine. Why is my head reeling and why am I grinning like an idiot? Stop it.

‘Okay.’ He laughs and leads me downstairs.

‘I thought you came in a car?’ The driveway is empty and there are no cars parked in the street.

‘I did.’

I glance up at the window to see Chris glaring at his brother. When he catches my eye, he jerks his hand in a half-wave.

Oli stops abruptly and I turn to watch his mouth turn up into a smirk. He climbs onto the motorbike he’s stopped beside and revs the engine.

‘You’re not driving. Get on.’ I pull the helmet onto my head and let him tighten the straps. His fingers graze my collar-bone as he adjusts it and he glances up at me. I bite my lip and smile as he helps me onto the seat.

‘Why not?’

‘No.’ He half turns around and reaches behind me to pull me closer to him. I blush realising that I have to pull my dress up further when he’s turned around so I don’t stretch it. ‘I just don’t want you to fall off. That means you have to hold on to me.’

‘Ew gross. I think I’d rather fall off.’ I wrinkle my nose in mock disgust and he feigns insult.

‘I’ll push you off if you’re not careful.’ I laugh and wrap my arms around his waist, bracing myself. Suddenly, the bike lunges forwards and I understand why I have to hold on. I gasp and Oli pulls my hands tighter around him. I’m probably wrong but I’d like to think it’s not only for safety purposes.

Everything hurtles by until we’re out of London and we pull up outside a colonial mansion. Oli lifts me off the bike and I subtly pull down my dress.

‘Harley Manor. The rest of the family’s driving up later today but for now, it’s just us.’ He winks and leads me up the steps to the front door. I stare at the rose, the motorbike and the grounds of his country home. You have got to be kidding me.


Never Been Kissed

Today’s prompt:

His steel-grey eyes are flecked with blue and right now, they are glaring at me from across the couch.

‘Would you stop doing that. You’re going to get a squint.’ I laugh and bend over to lace up my boots. ‘It’s really not that big of a deal. I mean, you’ve dated two of my friends and granted they hate you now, but I had to listen to them blabber about you for weeks. I haven’t even said anything to you.’

I glance at his scowling face from beneath my hair. His feet are propped up on the coffee table and his arms are folded at his chest in disdain. ‘You’re disgusting. I can’t help that I’m the way I am, but you? You purposely did this to me.’ He drags his feet from the table and shifts along the sofa. ‘Why?’ He feigns a sob and sighs exasperatedly.

Chris and I have been friends for two years but there was always a slight bit of tension between us so I tend to avoid relationship conversations with him. I unload that on my sister. I sit up and study his pained expression with a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.

‘You really need to chill out.’ I get up and test my balance. The heels are’t too high but my nervousness coupled with my clumsiness increases my chances of falling so I edge slowly towards the mirror in the corner of my bedroom and sidestep piles of clothes to study my reflection. I fiddle with my hair and flip it around to muss it up but it still sits neatly and freshly straightened, half-way down my back. Chris tugs at a light brown highlight, at odds with the rest of my black hair.

‘He’s decent but I don’t want you to go out with him tonight. He’s not right for you.’ He drops the strand and lies down on my bed. ‘Don’t go.’

‘It’s a date not a marriage. Would you please stop acting like my mother, I might as well have organised it for a night that she would be home so I could hear repeat everything you say. Jesus, Chris, lighten up.’ I roll my eyes angrily and continue to apply mascara.

‘I’m just looking out for you. Don’t be like that. I like your dress.’

I can see him staring at my back and I feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I’ve tried to dress sexily, yet modestly at the same time, but I still feel exposed. Especially with Chris watching me. I catch his eye and smile in the mirror. The dress is short and figure-hugging with a strip of lace down each side of my body. I switch my boots for ones that have less heel but lace up at the front and stop short at the knee.

‘Chris? I ju-‘

I turn around to find him standing extremely close. He leans down and kisses me chastely. When he pulls back, I’m standing limply and I can feel my knees shaking. My first kiss is with the brother of my date. I hear the car door slam, and immediately look at the clock. He’s here.