Hi. Me. Let’s talk about me. Not you. Me. It’s me. Me.

Is the microphone on? Yes? OK.

Ahem. Hi.

I’m [insert alias here].

I blog every (weekend) evening as part of Post A Day 2013.

I know. Post A Day implies that I have to post every day however I have nor the time nor the inspiration so I clear two evenings a week (Saturday and Sunday) to blog. In simple terms, there was no Post A Weekend 2013 badge.

I don’t have a niche en ce moment but I hope to develop one.

In reality?

I’m a girl. I’m a teenager. I can’t spell so I consider Spell Check to be the best thing since ‘Skip Ad’ on Youtube. I spend most of my time watching vloggers on Youtube and listening to music and as much as I would love to say I’m completely different from the typical teenager, I’m not. 

I crossed out all the surplus information.

If you like what I do please comment/like/reblog/share and follow this blog as it’s how I judge whether people like what I’m writing about. It also helps me decide what you like most.

It was really nice to meet you.


WAIT – I just wanted to let you know that if you read my blog, you are not just another column on my Stats page. You are a valued member of my blogosphere. You’re welcome.


All photos are copyrighted. Please contact me if you wish to distribute them:


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