Why this month could be the start or the end of my future

Woah… so that sounds a lot more dramatic than I expected. In all fairness, that’s how the teachers made it seem.

GCSEs. Four/five pointless letters that evoke fear deep in every teenager. Stress levels should be rocketing which is why I’m worried… because they’re not. It’s not like we’re that stupid, it’s just that when we sit down and open the paper all the words look wrong and we carn’t spel or cownt.

The funny thing is that we’ve already been forced to choose our A-Levels which will dictate the course of our entire lives. We can barely spend a night alone without burning the house down – so why are they making us choose our jobs? Let’s be honest. Can we be frank with each other, person-I’ve-never-met? Here’s the deal…I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!

They gathered two hundred of us into one room and handed out green sheets of paper. We know whatya doin’! Just because the A-Level form’s been printed on green paper doesn’t mean that it’s any easier or any more fun. In fact, if you wanted to make it easy for us, then you should have given us boxes to tick because I’m pretty sure I spelt mafamitacs methimitecs mathematics wrong.

To every teenager out there… you are not alone. There are thousands of us who sat that maths exam and who had to check on our calculators that 1 plus 4 equals 6 but we got there in the end.  It doesn’t matter that we don’t understand what’s going on in the news because we can  crack out a bit of Pythag and do…something… with that. Mostly nothing they teach us is not not useful…

We’ve got this.