Shhhh… it’s taboo.

So many people, including myself, avoid topics of awkward conversation because why should we speak out when there are other people to deal with the issues? What if we make a mistake and voice a controversial view? We can make mistakes as long as we learn from them but in order to make a change, we have to make an effort.

There are so many taboo subjects but I want to talk about rape. Yup. I want to talk about it. (I am focusing on female victims however I am not devaluing or disregarding the male victim accounts.)

Rape crime punishment

Image from The Guardian website

If a person’s judgment is, in any way, impaired then they cannot consent to sex. However, the Morgan rule states that if A thought B consented to it then it cannot be considered rape.

No one deserves to be or asks to be raped. Often the case is argued that if a woman, for example, is wearing revealing clothing then she is ‘asking for it’. A woman in a bikini at the beach is just a likely to be raped as a woman wearing a burka on a bus. Many women wear bikinis at the beach, does this mean that they are all asking to be raped. No. This argument is completely void of any sense and should be disregarded.

There is no ‘wrong place’ or ‘wrong time’. Women should not have to be cautious of where they spend their time. Rape should not be justified because the victim was in the wrong place. We all have a right to freedom and fear of rape and assault takes this freedom away.

Rape infringes on more than five human rights. This may seem like very few but human rights are what defines our society and our lives and our freedom. Without them, life would not be worth living. If any one of the human rights were to be abolished our lives would change dramatically. Stop and think about what your life would be like without your right to equality or freedom from slavery or personal security. 

Human Rights Day presents an opportunity, every year, to celebrate human rights, highlight a specific issue, and advocate for the full enjoyment of all human rights by everyone everywhere.

– The UN website.

How can we celebrate human rights when not all of us have them?

Recently, rape has featured on the news and quite frequently, may I add. It is not just the rapists that have blood on their hands, it is the also the people who refuse to address the problem now. In a year more people will have been raped so the issue must be overcome now.