International Women’s Day

I googled ‘International Women’s Day’ and read numerous articles until I stumbled upon the realisation that everything was so vague that I didn’t know what the event was actually for.

The first International Women’s Day Event was celebrated in 1911. That is of little relevance to us today. We are ‘honouring the work of women’ so why don’t we actually honour them.

The event I went to yesterday was, with all due respect, extremely boring.

The first problem was that there were three men in the audience and the rest were women. Put simply, there are two genders. Women know how to honour their own gender’s achievements so it seems obvious that the event was for men to honour our achievements as well. In order for them to do that, they need to be at the events.

The second problem was that the event was planned so well that they allocated times for us to breathe. There were so many women that campaigned for us to have the freedom to do what we want and yet we sat down like lemmings and allowed ourselves to be silent and whisper our praises. I was disappointed in the women who organised the event. They had 3 hours to make an impression and I left having learnt nothing.

If it were me, I would have organised the event differently:

No MPs giving lectures, please. I would have contacted as many famous people as I could so they could not only raise awareness but attract attention to the event.

There would be live music. Gospel choirs and other groups; individual performers and dancers.

It would be a celebration. I would make people laugh and no one would be bored. There would be a mixed audience with people of all ages joining in the music and meeting new people.

Overall, I would ensure people knew why we were celebrating. Not just because we are women but because of all the things we have achieved and all the things we will continue to achieve. I would get interesting and exciting people to give very short speeches about the past and plight of women, women whose work needs to be acknowledged now and whatever else they feel is relevant.

International Women’s Day is not about extreme feminism which is what many people seem to think. It is about celebrating and relishing our successes – of which there are many.